September 29 2018 11:00:00 GMT-0500 to the fest

Return the Sturgeon

Enjoy family fun at Sturgeon Fest on September 29, 2018 - one of the biggest annual conservation events and festivals in Wisconsin, returning a breeding population of Sturgeon to Lake Michigan and the Milwaukee River!

About the Festival

Be a part of this amazing comeback story and join thousands of other community members when you sponsor a young sturgeon and hand release them into Lake Michigan. Enjoy fun in the sun with activities for kids and adults alike.

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About the Sturgeon

A relic from the dinosaur age, over a hundred million years old, sturgeon are the oldest and largest species of fish in the Great Lakes. In less than 200 years, human influence caused the sturgeon population in Lake Michigan to plummet.

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Be crowned this years Sturgeon General

Show us your sturgeon pride! Be honored at this year‘s event by releasing the year‘s first sturgeon and win a sturgeon-tastic prize. It‘s as easy as one, two, three.

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Last year's esteemed winner:

Hand Release a Sturgeon

Support the sturgeon and hand release one of these amazing relics of the dinosaur age at this year's event. 2018 sponsorship will open closer to the Fest. Thank you for helping bring back this incredible species!

Sponsor a Sturgeon

Thank you to our sponsors

We and the sturgeon are eternally grateful to these fine organizations and companies for donating their time and money to make this initiative possible.